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10 Tips: Perfect Destination Wedding Registry You’ll Love

10 Tips: Perfect Destination Wedding Registry You’ll Love
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Not sure what to do about your Wedding Registry? Here are 10 tips on how to create a destination wedding registry you will love.

So, you’re getting married in an inclusive resort. Wonder what to do about the gifts your wedding guests may want to give you. What kind of gifts to register for? How to make sure your registry is accessible to all your guests? And how about monetary gifts? We’ve got you covered. Read on for our top 10 tips for nailing your destination wedding registry.

Start your Destination Wedding Registry Early – at least 6 months before the wedding

Start your wedding registry with plenty of time to spare. While you are planning your beach wedding, your closest friends and family members may wonder how to go about the wedding gifts.

Glass Wear

Naturally, it is highly impractical to ship the items to your tropical location. It is perfectly acceptable to ask your guest to send them to your home location. During your planning process make time to set up your registry early. Most stores now offer an online registry. Some include shipping at no additional cost. The simplest one might be the Amazon Wedding Registry. It is recommended to have everything in place at least six months before everyone takes off to join you at your wedding destination.

Choose a registry that is easy to use and has a wide variety of items

Folded Towels

The wedding couple needs to think of what items they really want for their new home and life together. Planning a destination wedding can be overwhelming and registering for your perfect registry shouldn’t be adding to the stress. Choose a registry that is easy and fun to use, with plenty of distinct items. Make the process enjoyable.

For your destination wedding registry consider items that are versatile and can be used for multiple purposes

When creating your wedding registry for a destination wedding, don’t forget the versatile items. These are the pieces that will make all the difference. They’ll be with you long after you return from your honeymoon. To make sure you maximize your registry options, look for products that can be used in multiple scenarios or can bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor events.

Household Appliances

You’ll love having these items at home as well as taking them along on your travels. Think of the little details too. Give your guest an option to choose a price point. Take it up a notch by selecting colors and styles that will never go out of fashion so you can enjoy them for years to come.

Don’t forget about the small things – like salt and pepper shakers, dish towels, and coffee mugs

No wedding registry would be complete without the small things, as they add a personal touch to your new home. Now, with a destination wedding, you don’t have to worry about carrying those salt and pepper shakers over on a plane. All your gifts can easily be added to your registry with a shipping address to your house. Dish towels are essential for all kitchens, so include a few.

Don’t forget the classic coffee mugs, the perfect for those who appreciate their daily cup of joe. Small items may not seem like much on their own, but combined they will make you smile every time you use them. You will surely remember your second cousins or your best friend.

Two coffee cups

Think about what you will need for your honeymoon – including travel-sized toiletries, luggage, and a camera

When planning your wedding registry, don’t forget to think about the honeymoon. Could you use a new luggage set, camera, and travel-sized toiletries? Makes sure to add an extra bit of fun for a destination wedding by including a few island-inspired items. You never know when a tropical towel or island-themed wrapping paper may come in handy. As you plan the wedding of your dreams, remember – your registry isn’t just for wedding gifts. Make sure it includes everything you’ll need for a perfect honeymoon too.

A couple unwrapping present
Choose Practical Gifts

Choose items that will be helpful after the wedding – like a nice set of dishes or cookware

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the possible options for your wedding registry? After all, there are so many fantastic products out there. Let us make things a little easier for you—choose items that will bring continued joy even after the wedding day is over. A great option to think about might be a nice set of dishes or durable cookware that you can enjoy in your married life together. With such quality items, you’ll be sure to have lasting memories of your special day each time you use them. Your close friends and your immediate family will gladly bless you with such items.

Don’t forget to build some fun into your destination wedding registry

Beautiful Breakfast

As your wedding date approaches and you pick your destination out of a seemingly endless choice of wedding locations, think of your guest list. Your wedding day is far more than the wedding ceremony and the wedding cake.

You two are embarking on a new journey, your life together. Many of your guests may want to gift you not with items but with experiences that the two of you can enjoy as you start your life together. Add a list of things that you would like to do together. How about a day at a golf course, spa treatments, or dinner at the perfect place of your choice?

Monetary Gifts

Many couples chose to share a household before they get married, or perhaps plan to move to a different state following their carrier. Some are working hard to save up for a downpayment on their first home. Traditional wedding gifts might not be ideal in such situations. Shipping and moving costs can be huge, and the same items, or perhaps even better deals, might be just as available at the couple’s new location. The most practical thing in this instance would be a monetary gift.

Asking your wedding guests for monetary gifts can be a tough subject to broach. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable experience. With the right approach, you and your partner will be able to politely explain why contributions in lieu of traditional wedding presents would make such a difference.

Money Wedding Gift

Do it right.

Start by expressing your gratitude for their attendance and support. This will set a positive tone. Be honest yet polite when you make the request. Explain why monetary contributions would be so meaningful and appreciated. They can perhaps even offset the travel costs for your honeymoon. Thank your guests in advance. Express your excitement at the thought of having them join in celebrating your special day.

With the right combination of care and consideration, asking guests for money can help make your big day even more special. Communicate with every family member and each additional guest, so awkward situations can be avoided ahead of time.

House saving bank
If You Are Saving for a Major Purchase, Your Wedding Guest Will Gladly Support Your Dream with their Monetary Gifts.


Congratulations! Now that you have finalized the plans for your wedding on the white sand beaches, picked your wedding dress, and booked the reception venue, you are ready to tackle the gift registry. While it may seem daunting to register for gifts six months before your big day arrives, your preparation will be worth it in the long run. It gives your guests more time to find the perfect gift for your special day. It also ensures that every item on your registry already has a place in your future home.

Kitchen Dishes

Don’t forget to add little things like salt and pepper shakers, dish towels, and coffee mugs. Have you added items necessary for your honeymoon? Travel-sized toiletries, luggage, and a camera can make all the difference when it comes to making lasting memories as newlyweds.

Communication is Key

Most importantly though, think about what you will need after you return from your honeymoon. A nice set of dishes or cookware may be exactly what you’re looking for. So take a few deep breaths and start building that dream wedding registry today – physical or digital. Remember, most retailers can ship your wedding gifts to your home address. Just make that clear in your communication with your with every family member and guest.

When it comes time for your destination wedding, think of the best ways to include all of your registry items in a detailed list to be provided to guests. This way, you can ensure that each guest knows exactly what you would like as a gift and where they can find it.

Wedding Gifts

Additionally, if necessary, provide your guests with references such as store websites or contact information for assistance in finding the gifts on your registry. If you and your partner prefer monetary gift contributions to your savings for the big-ticket items, communicate that clearly to your wedding guests.

Once everything is ready to go, sit back and relax. At the end of the day knowing that you have put together a plan and made sure every detail is covered will help you to relax and enjoy the laid-back atmosphere of your inclusive destination wedding. Have fun shopping!

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