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Best Tips to Style Your Amazing Wedding Gift Table

Best Tips to Style Your Amazing Wedding Gift Table
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Wedding Gift Table – What is the Purpose?

What is a wedding gift table, and what is its purpose? In this blog post, you will find great tips on how to style your wedding gift table.

The wedding gift table serves as a central hub, a place where family and friends can extend their warm wishes and share in the joy of your union. It’s not only a spot to collect thoughtful gifts but also a reflection of your unique style, and personality in harmony with your wedding decor.

Wedding Gift Table with presents

What Does a Gift Table Look Like?

As you lay your eyes upon the gift table, the first thing you’ll notice is a charming tablecloth that sets the stage for elegance and sophistication.

At the center, a tastefully arranged centerpiece commands attention. It may be a cluster of blooming flowers delicately placed in a vase. Or perhaps a stunning display of candles.

The table itself is adorned with meticulous details. A personalized sign or banner catches your eye, bearing your names or a heartfelt message.

As you take in the beauty of the gift table, you can’t help but feel the love and warmth that fills the air. It’s a place where generosity and sentimentality intertwine, creating a tangible representation of the love that brought you here today.

Are wedding welcome tables and wedding gift tables the same thing?

Welcome tables and wedding gift tables are not the same thing.

Wedding Welcome Table

Wedding welcome tables are typically set up near the entrance of the wedding venue to greet each guest as they arrive. It often includes items such as guest book.

Alternative Guest Book Ideas

Seating Charts

A seating chart is traditionally also part of the welcome table.

Unique Place Card Ideas

To make the experience seamless for your guests, also include place cards on your welcome table, as well as any other information or items that the couple wants to provide to their guests upon arrival.

Wedding Gift Table

On the other hand, a bride’s wedding gift table is where guests can place their gifts for the couple. It is usually set up near the reception space and is designated for each guest to leave their presents.

The bride’s gift table may be decorated with a card box or a sign asking guests to place their wedding gifts there. It is a convenient and organized way for guests to contribute their well-wishes and presents for the couple.

What do you put on a wedding gift table?

Here are tips on what to put on the wedding table designated for the wedding gifts—from creative decorations and thank-you cards to small yet meaningful gifts and wedding favors.

Welcome sign with the couple’s names to make it personal.

Incorporating a personalized touch to your wedding gift table, such as a welcome sign featuring the names of the couple, adds a special and intimate element to the overall ambiance.

By prominently displaying your names in an elegant or creative design, you not only create a focal point for the table but also set the tone for the entire event.

This personalization not only showcases your unique love story but also makes your guests feel more connected and welcomed.

Cute and Decorative Gift Tags for Guests to Write Notes on.

For your wedding day, you can consider using cute and decorative gift tags for each guest to write notes on.

This adds some fun and a personal touch and allows them to leave heartfelt messages or well wishes for the couple.

A Personalized Cardbox, Complete with a Lock and Key

Are you tired of boring card boxes that all look the same? Spice up your next event with a personalized cardbox that’s as unique as you are!

When it comes to adding a personal and secure touch to your own wedding day reception, a personalized cardbox with a lock and key is a wonderful choice.

This special box serves as a designated and stylish place for your guests to securely place their well wishes, cards, and monetary gifts.

The lock and key feature not only adds an extra layer of security but also symbolizes the trust and love shared between you and your partner.

wedding card box

There are various options available online to find a personalized cardbox that suits your style and preferences. Here are our favorites.

A “Wishing Well” Where Guests Can Drop Their Cards

Picture this: you’re at a wedding and you spot a well in the corner. Except it’s not any well, it’s a wishing well!

But instead of tossing in a coin, you drop in your wedding card with all your well wishes for the newlyweds. How cute and convenient is that?

No need to worry about losing cards or misplacing them on the gift table. And if you’re feeling extra creative, you can even attach a ribbon or small trinket to your card before dropping it in.

Create Your Own Wishing Well

Creating a “wishing well” at your wedding is a charming way to collect cards and well wishes from your guests.

This decorative feature adds a touch of whimsy and provides a designated spot for guests to drop their cards and messages.

To set up a wishing well, you have a few options. Here are some ideas to consider:

  1. Vintage Wishing Well: Look for antique or vintage wells that can be repurposed as card collectors. You can find these at antique shops, flea markets, or online marketplaces.

  2. DIY Wishing Well: Get crafty and create your own wishing well using materials like wood, cardboard, or even a large flower pot. Paint and decorate it to match your wedding look.

  3. Decorative Box or Basket: Choose an ornate box or a beautifully woven basket that complements your wedding decor. Add ribbons, flowers, or other embellishments to make it visually appealing.

  4. Customized Wishing Well: Consider having a custom-made wishing well that is personalized with your names, wedding date, or a special message. Place the wishing well in a prominent location at your venue, such as the entrance or near the gift table.

gift card box on a wedding gift table

Make sure to provide a sign or instructions so guests know where to place their cards. Remember to check the wishing well periodically throughout the event to ensure that cards are secure.

Decorative Tablecloths and Centrepieces to Make the Area Look Special

When it comes to creating a visually appealing and special atmosphere at your event, decorative tablecloths and centerpieces play a key role in transforming the space. Here are some ideas to help make your tables look stunning:

Table Runners: Add visual interest by placing table runners down the center of each table. Opt for runners in a contrasting color or pattern to create a focal point. Burlap, lace, or floral-printed runners can add a rustic or romantic feel, depending on your style.

Floral Arrangements: Fresh flowers or artificial blooms arranged in vases or decorative containers can instantly elevate the table.

Candles: Cluster candles of varying heights in candleholders or lanterns for a romantic ambiance. You can also place tea light candles in decorative holders or floating candles in glass bowls for a unique touch.

Non-Floral Centerpieces: If you prefer something other than flowers, consider alternative centerpieces such as decorative branches, vintage books, or themed objects that tie into your wedding theme.

Additional Decor: Add small accents to complete the look, such as scattered flower petals, confetti, or decorative napkin holders. Incorporate elements that reflect your personality and wedding style.

Gift or Card Box:

The Gift Card Box provides a designated spot for guests to leave their gifts or cards. Here are some ideas and options for incorporating the gift table or card box:

  1. Acrylic Card Box: An acrylic card box can be a modern and sleek choice. It allows guests to see the cards inside while keeping them secure.

  2. Decorative Card Boxes: Consider using decorative card boxes that match the style of your wedding. You can find various designs and materials to complement your overall decor.

  3. Personalized Card Boxes: Add a special touch by customizing your card box with your names, wedding date, or monogram.

  4. Vintage Suitcase or Chest: If you’re going for a vintage or rustic theme, repurposing a vintage suitcase or chest as a card box can add charm.

  5. DIY Options: Get creative and make your own card box using materials like wooden crates, fabric-covered boxes, or even repurposed items that hold sentimental value.

gift card box

Remember to place the gift or card box in a visible and easily accessible location on the welcome table. You can also add signage or a small note to guide guests on where to place their gifts or cards.

Appoint one person that will collect gifts and thank your guests in person on your behalf.

In Conclusion

wedding gift table gift card box

When it comes to creating an enchanting gift table for your wedding, there are countless unique ideas to inspire you.

Use your imagination to decorate your wedding table. Create a special display, a unique space for your guests.

The key is to make the gift table a reflection of your unique style and personality, while also providing a visually captivating space for your guests to leave their heartfelt cards and tokens of love.