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Destination Wedding Under 10K

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Welcome to the Destination Wedding Under 10K Blog

Dreaming about a fabulous destination wedding that won’t break the bank? Destination Wedding Under 10K Blog is your ultimate resource for planning a dream wedding without breaking the bank. Our goal is to help you plan your very special day and make it unforgettable without overspending.

What Will You Find Here

Just engaged bride-to-be showing off her ring

This blog offers tips, tricks, and ideas for planning an amazing destination wedding.

Whether you’re dreaming of a beach wedding, a mountain wedding, or a picturesque destination, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll guide you through everything from choosing the perfect location to finding affordable accommodations and vendors.

Engagement Party celebration

But a destination wedding isn’t just about the big day itself. Several other events, like the rehearsal dinner, welcome party, and more, precede it.

That’s why we’ve curated a number of lists of our favorite things to help you plan all these unforgettable events leading up to the big day.

We’ll share creative ideas for decorations, food, drinks, wedding gift registries, and entertainment. At Destination Wedding Under 10K, we believe that every couple deserves to have their dream wedding, and we’re here to help you make that a reality. So sit back, relax, and let’s plan the wedding of your dreams together.

Our Goal

In this blog, I’ll share our journey, hiccups, and things to ask, avoid, and run away from. I’m adding lists of things to think of before finalizing the decision on where to hold your celebration. We will share information on where to find amazing pre-loved, budget-friendly designer dresses.

Wedding Planner Desk

We will talk about things such as sharing responsibilities, which is super important.

Planning your wedding is most likely the first mammoth task the two of you face together.

Much like budgeting, politely managing family and friends, and juggling your social calendar before your wedding day.

From planning your engagement announcement, bridesmaids’ proposal, engagement party, bachelorette, shower, and stag and doe, to great ideas for your wedding registry to traveling with a larger group.

Bride and groom at a destination wedding reception

We aim to be your primary resource as you plan your amazing destination wedding. Last but not least, we talk about budgets and money, as this is a super important topic to discuss, especially as you are starting your journey as a couple.

Adding Some Bonuses:

You will find links to checklists, printables, and spreadsheets as you read through the posts. I’m also including links to websites and resorts we have visited and loved.

As this blog grows, I will update the links and add new ones so you have the best information available.

To Sum Things Up:

If you and your fiance considered a destination wedding, but are feeling overwhelmed with the mere thought of planning such an event, we are here for you.

Destination Wedding Under 10K is written for you, a couple in love, embarking on the most exciting journey of your lives. So, get a glass of something delicious and dive in.