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Proposal Box:10 Ideas Your Bridesmaids Will Love

Proposal Box:10 Ideas Your Bridesmaids Will Love
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Not sure what to put into the proposal box for your destination wedding bridesmaids? Here are great ideas on what to include in a proposal box for your destination wedding bridesmaids.

Bride holding a bridesmaid's proposal box

Are you looking for creative and unique ways to ask your best friend to join you on your special day as a bridesmaid at a tropical location for a dream wedding? There’s no better way than with a bridesmaid’s proposal box. Proposal boxes are an incredibly personal way of asking your closest friends, who hold a special place in your heart. It is such a great way to pop the question.

What’s is even better, it brings joy as your besties discover all the goodies. As you plan the wedding of your dreams, your bridesmaids will be by your side through the planning process. Start by asking the right way, as you embark on this once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Show your besties how much thought you put into their proposal box. It is a sure way to make them feel extra loved.

1. Include a personal touch – tell them how much you appreciate their friendship and why they are important to you in a special note included in your bridesmaid’s proposal box

Here are a few ideas to get you off to a good start:

Hey there, my amazing friend! I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how incredibly grateful I am to have you in my life. Seriously, your friendship is like finding a perfectly ripe avocado at the store – pure magic!

Each memory we make together is like a glitter-filled whirlwind of fun, and that’s all thanks to the incredible person you are. You’re my go-to human for laughter, support, and making kick-butt memories. Between our inside jokes and shared experiences, our friendship is pretty much like winning the social lottery.

Handmade Card for your Bridesmaids Proposal Box

So, hats off to you, my fabulous amigo, for being the sprinkle of extra spice in the memorable dish that is life. Mega high fives your way!

2. Add a meaningful gift – a small token of your appreciation such as a special jewelry item  

Gifting can be an exhilarating experience as you search for the perfect present to delight your best friends. How about adding a touch of personalization to your bridesmaid’s proposal box makes it even more meaningful? Envision their reaction as they receive a stunning piece of jewelry.

Bridesmaids Bracelet and awesome item for your bridesmaid proposal box

A necklace with a pendant of their favorite gemstone? A charm bracelet with each charm representing an unforgettable memory? Can you choose something that will look great with their bridesmaid’s gown and complement your wedding dress?

3. Don’t forget the champagne! Pop open some bubbly and celebrate with your bridesmaids as you present them with their bridesmaid’s proposal box

Ladies, it’s time to let loose and rejoice with a sparkling toast to sisterhood and unforgettable memories! Yes, you guessed it right, don’t forget the champagne. As you gather with your bridesmaids for a fantastic night of laughter and bonding, enjoy the cocktail hour, and mark the special occasion with a glitzy bottle of bubbly. Cheers to the beautiful moments grown from friendship and the unique opportunity to show your love and support for each other. What better way to present your bridesmaid’s proposal boxes?

Flutes of champaign with bridesmaids written on the side
Celebrating with the bridesmaids with champaign

After all, what’s a celebration without some fizzy, effervescent fun? So, grab your chic champagne flutes, raise them high, and make this bridesmaids’ get-together an unforgettable affair. Cheers to a great time and an amazing journey as you enjoy an early kick-off to your wedding celebrations.

4. Include something practical – items that you know your bridesmaids could use

Bride with her bridesmaids celebrating

As you prepare for your big day, and everyone descends at your wedding destination, don’t forget to spoil your wonderful bridesmaids. Your bridesmaid’s proposal box needs to include some fun, practical goodies that they’ll truly appreciate. How about chic nail polishes for that perfect mani-pedi? High-quality makeup they’d love to flaunt on your special day. Or stylish hair accessories to complement their elegant gowns.

As your wedding party gathers at the white sand beaches, remember to include some much-needed sunscreen for your girls. No one wants to be dealing with sunburnt shoulders during the wedding ceremony. Show your bridesmaids some love with these delightful essentials, proving that, indeed, the best things come in small, practical packages.

5. A personalized bridesmaids mug or tumbler 

Picture the moment when they take a sip from their very own monogrammed mug, brimming with their favorite beverage – the warmth of sentimentality filling their heart. Beautiful everyday items are not only a practical way of expressing your appreciation for their friendship and support but add a touch of beauty to their home – and good vibes every time the item is used.

Beautiful Bridesmaids Proposal Boxes with flowers and white heart

Little details such as personalized items will keep the memories of your amazing beach wedding for years to come.  

6. Add some sweet treats to your bridesmaid’s proposal box.

Spoil your girls with some decadent chocolates. Search for a chocolatier in your area and check out their stock. You may be surprised at the variety of goodies they can offer. Most are open for custom orders and offer great deals for larger quantities. A perfect sweet treat to include in your bridesmaid’s proposal box.

Box of handmade Chocolates

So, have a chat and tell them what you are looking for, they are sure to go out of your way to help you out. Spoil your bridesmaids. The best of friends only deserve the best of treats.

7. Add a meaningful gift to your bridesmaid’s proposal box – scented bath products 

Life is hectic, and doubly so while planning a wedding. Treat your besties to a luxurious experience at the end of their busy day. A gift of bath bombs, bubble baths, or essential oil is not only thoughtful but will also soak away some of the wedding planning stress.  Who is not up for luxurious spa treatments – be they in your own bathroom?

Imagine your close friends enveloped in a cloud of luxurious bubbles from decadent-scented bath products, feeling pampered and relaxed as they indulge in their very own at-home spa experience. Lush is an amazing company with a selection to cater to every taste.

Set of luxurious bath products great addition to your bridesmaid proposal box

8. An embroidered monogrammed beach bag

What better gift for your destination wedding bridesmaids than a personalized beach bag? What a great addition to your bridesmaid’s proposal box. Even if yours is a budget wedding, ordering personalized beach bags for your besties won’t break the bank. It is a great option for your bridesmaids, as they will be using them at the resort, which may give them a bit of distinction from your other wedding guests. After all, those are your special friends, who stood by your side as you chose your wedding dress, decided on the wedding cake, and hashed things out with your wedding planner. At the end of the day, you want your bridesmaids to feel special and appreciated.

9. A photo book, or a scrapbook highlighting your friendship is a great addition to your bridesmaid’s proposal box

As you complete your bridesmaid’s proposal box, why not include a photo of the two of you to serve as a reminder of your friendship? Remember the adventures we had during our rollercoaster of a friendship? From spontaneous midnight drives to camping escapades. Let’s go back to those times we spent movie nights in our PJs, munching on popcorn and laughing until it hurt. Remember that epic birthday party we hosted for you, where everyone ended up covered in confetti and cake?

A bride looking at a photo book of her and her friends

Or how about that hilarious shopping trip where we tried on the most outrageous outfits and ended up leaving with matching pajama sets charged to your mom’s credit card?

It’s snippets like these that truly knit a friendship together. As you worry about the rehearsal dinner, ground yourself in these fabulous memories. Why not include a note such as: If only I could scour the attic for that treasure trove of photos capturing all our silly antics. So, here’s to our friendship, to the unfiltered, unapologetic joy that we shared, and to the memories that we created together – may they forever be etched in our hearts!

10. Running out of time – An individualized gift card of their choice

A bridesmaid hugging the bride

Make your bridesmaid’s proposal box simple. Find a beautiful card to announce the good news. Write down your wedding date and time and include details about the perfect place you chose as your wedding venue. Explain if you are planning for a traditional wedding or a symbolic ceremony.

Tell your friend in a few words why would you love for her not only to be on your guest list, but take a much more significant role among your immediate family, and be your bridesmaid. Include a gift card to a place that you know she loves, and you are done.

You can still have fun with it and make it creative! Add in some fun elements such as confetti or make it a custom-printed card. Adding a meaningful gift has never been more fun, and watching their smiles light up will be a moment to cherish forever.


Showing appreciation for your bridesmaids with a wonderful bridesmaids proposal box doesn’t have to be tricky or stressful. You can use a proposal box as an extra special way to show them how much you appreciate their friendship and all the help they are giving you leading up to your big day. May they be your second cousins, close childhood friends, or besties from your college, tell them why is it important for you that they are at your side at your as you say your wedding vows, at your ideal place, with breathtaking scenery as a backdrop.

Photo album with photos of children playing great for bridesmaids proposal box
Photobook of childhood memories for the bridesmaid box

Make sure to include a personalized note, meaningful gift, or champagne (of course!). Something practical they would find useful, and memories of your friendship – printed photos would be especially nice. The process of putting together a proposal box should also be fun so make it creative. Include things such as confetti, custom-printed cards, and anything else that will be both meaningful and memorable. Doing so will surely bring an already beautiful event to the next level.

Bridesmaids bouquets lined up

Create a special event, and as you enjoy the laid-back atmosphere among your besties, show your bridesmaids how much you care and make them feel special. They will cherish the gift and thoughtfulness forever. By creating a proposal box for your bridesmaids, you can show them your appreciation in the most special way. You don’t need to spend too much money.

Remember, you know your friends best and can find that perfect little something at any price point. A creative proposal box should add a large additional cost to your wedding budget. Whether it’s putting together a box of thoughtful tokens, or gifting them something luxurious items they can use on your wedding day, it all boils down to making them feel extra special and loved. So get creative and put together a box reflecting the unique personalities and memories that are oh-so-special to each of you.

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