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The Ultimate Guide: In-Laws on Your Wedding Day and Beyond

The Ultimate Guide: In-Laws on Your Wedding Day and Beyond
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How to get along with your in-laws? In this blog post, we’ll share some tips for navigating the often tricky waters of in-law relationships, both during the wedding and beyond.

wedding photo with the inlaws

As your wedding day approaches, you may be feeling a mix of excitement and anxiety.

One of the biggest challenges that many couples face is getting along with their in-laws, especially on the wedding day.

It’s natural to want to make a good impression and include everyone in your celebration, but this can be easier said than done.

Start with Mutual Respect

The key to getting along with your in-laws is to start with a foundation of mutual respect. Remember that these are the people your spouse grew up with and that they likely have a strong bond with them. Be open to getting to know them and interested in their lives.

respect the father in law

Take time to listen to their stories and ask questions. Respect their traditions and customs, even if they are different from your own.

Communicate Your Expectations Early On

Before the wedding, be sure to have open and honest communication with your in-laws about your expectations for the day.

Let them know what you’re planning, what your role is in the wedding, and what their role will be.

Include them in decisions about the wedding to make them feel involved and valued. This will help prevent misunderstandings and hurt feelings on the wedding day.

Show Appreciation

your mother in law

It’s important to show appreciation and gratitude to your in-laws throughout the planning process and on the wedding day.

Say thank you often and show them how much you value their support.

You can do this through small gestures like giving them thoughtful gifts or writing heartfelt notes.

Simple acts of kindness can go a long way towards building stronger relationships, especially with the mother of the groom.

Set Boundaries when Necessary

mother in law and the bride

While being respectful and kind is important, it’s also essential to set boundaries when necessary.

If you feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed by your in-laws’ involvement in the wedding or their behavior, communicate this in a kind and assertive manner.

By setting clear boundaries, you will not only protect your own emotional space but also help build a stronger and healthier relationship with your in-laws.

Remember that Relationships Take Time

Finally, remember that relationships take time to build. While the wedding day may be stressful, it’s only one day in a long journey ahead.

mother in law at the wedding

As you start your new life together, be patient and open to learning more about each person, your in-laws, their backgrounds, and what they bring to your new family.

By doing so, you’ll strengthen your bond and build a solid foundation for your future together.

How To Avoid Mother-in-Law Drama on Your Big Day

Before you can say “I do” you have to deal with some delicate issues. One such issue is your lovely mother-in-law. A wedding is a big day, not just for the bride and groom but the families as well.

To make sure your big day goes off without a hitch, we’ll be discussing the top mistakes brides make and how they can avoid them while dealing with their mother-in-law. Let’s get started!

mother in law with the bride at an India wedding

Don’t Leave Your Mother-in-law Out of the Planning Process

It can be tempting to do everything ourselves. But remember, your mother-in-law is most likely excited about the big day too!

Even if you don’t always agree on things, it’s important to include her in some of the planning process. Show her that you appreciate her and value her opinions.

Who knows, she might even have some great ideas! So, invite her to some of the planning meetings and make her feel included.

Don’t Let Her Have Too Much Control

mother of the groom pinning

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you don’t want to give your mother-in-law too much control.

This is your day, after all! If you feel strongly about something, speak up.

Be polite, clear, and decisive.

If you need to compromise, find a solution that works for everyone, not just her. Set boundaries and stick to them, if you need to.

Don’t Indulge in Gossip

It’s natural to vent about a mother or father-in-law you don’t always see eye-to-eye with, but it’s essential to be mindful of who you talk to when discussing personal matters.

Avoid discussing any negative interactions with your future spouse, as it may build distrust between them and their parent. You can confide in a friend or family member who won’t share the information, but try not to let your anger and frustration fuel any negative feelings about your future in-law.

mother of the groom with red hat

Don’t Constantly Criticize

Your mother-in-law may not do everything the way you would like her to. But that doesn’t mean you should criticize her every move.

Try to focus on what you appreciate about her and what she brings to your life.

Perhaps, you both have hobbies in common that you can bond over together. Or, maybe she has a hidden talent that you didn’t know about before. Find common ground and appreciate each other for who you are.

Don’t Neglect to Show Gratitude

father in law

Lastly, don’t forget to show gratitude. Throughout the planning process and the wedding day, there will be many instances where a “thank you” can go a long way.

Whether it’s for her help picking out invitations or her contribution to the wedding expenses, show your appreciation with a heartfelt “thank you.” Small gestures can often lead to great friendships.


Getting along with your in-laws can be challenging, especially during the wedding planning process and on the big day itself. However, by starting with mutual respect, communicating your expectations early on, showing appreciation, setting boundaries when necessary, and remembering that relationships take time, you can navigate this often tricky terrain with grace and kindness.

mother of the groom hugging the bride

Ultimately, the goal is to create a stronger and healthier relationship with your new family and build a solid foundation for your future together.

Dealing with a mother-in-law can be challenging, but with these tips, you can prepare yourself for any conflict that may arise.

Remember to include her in some of the planning, have healthy and respectful communication, and show your gratitude.

The most important thing is to stay calm and level-headed, even during high-stress times. Don’t let your relationship with your mother-in-law ruin your special day.

Stay positive, and congratulations on your wedding!